God and Country Christian Alliance

God and Country Christian Alliance


Call to Action!

Last night at 6:30PM both the House and Senate leadership had a press conference talking about a bill to replace HB2.  This bill will accomplish nothing but generating confusion and showing weakness.  It is time to take action!  Call, email, and send letters to legislators and let them know we the people of North Carolina are not interested in compromise or giving in to bullying.

Representative Tim Moore Speaker

16 W. Jones Street, Room 2304
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096


Senator Phil Berger President Pro Tempore

16 W. Jones Street, Room 2007
Raleigh, NC 27601-2808

(919) 733-5708


If you want to contact other legislators please click in this link to the official NCGA site.


Voter Guide 2012


This information is provided by the Craven-Pamlico Christian Coalition from information collected from the following organizations:

The Heritage Alliance, the American Family Association and the North Carolina Right to Life PAC.

IMPORTANT: The letter grades from A+ to F, are given according to how confident the panelists are that the candidates will govern (vote) conservatively on social and economic issues if he/she is elected to office.

For more information:

NC Right to Life PAC endorsements:


Agriculture Commissioner

Smith, Walter (D) F

Troxler, Steven W. “Steve” (R) B


Insurance Commissioner

Goodwin, Wayne (D) D

Causey, Mike (R) B+


Superintendent of Public Instruction

Atkinson, June (D) F

Tedesco, John (R) A


Commissioner of Labor

Brooks, John C. (D) I

Berry, Cherie Killian (R) B


State Senate, District 2

Muse, Greg (D) D

Sanderson, Norman (R) A


State Representative, District 3

Cayton, Robert (D) F

Speciale, Michael (R) A


State Representative, District 10

Hardison, Jim “Babe” (D) I

Bell, John (R) B+


State Representative, District 12

Graham, George (D) I

Dancy, Jim (R) I

President/VP of the United States of America

Obama, Barack (D) F

Biden, Joe (D) F

Romney, Mitt (R) B+

Ryan, Paul (R) B+


United States Representative, District 1

Butterfield, G. K. (D) F

DiLauro, Pete (R) C

Holloman, Darryl (L) F



United States Representative, District 3

Anderson, Erik (D) F

Jones, Walter (R) A



North Carolina Governor

Dalton, Walter H. (D) F

McCrory, Pat (R) B+

Howe, Barbara (L) F


North Carolina Lieutenant Governor

Coleman, Linda (D) F

Forest, Dan (R) A


Secretary of State

Marshall, Elaine (D) F

Goodwin, Ed (R) B+


Attorney General

Cooper, Roy (D) Unopposed



Cowell, Janet (D) F

Royal, Steve (R) B




Wood, Beth (D) D

Goldman, Debra (R) B


The following judicial candidates have been endorsed by the NC Right to Life PAC

NC Supreme Court Paul Newby

NC Court of Appeals David Robinson

NC Court of Appeals Chris Dillon

NC Court of Appeals Marty McGee